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ABOUT US began as an additional service offered by The Computer Works, a computer repair company out of Cromwell, CT.  The idea began as simply an extra option for our clients to get rid of their old computers, but as word of mouth spread, we were astonished at the amount of need for the service.  After a short time it was very apparent that electronic recycling services were a highly needed service by businesses, towns, and individuals, as it quickly became the primary function of The Computer Works. 

A few years have passed since our modest beginnings, and we’re happy to say we have recently moved to our new location, 38 NEW BRITAIN AVE (REAR) in ROCKY HILL, which is four times the size of our previous location.  With this recent move we can now serve a much larger area and accept more than just computer related eWaste.  Additionally, a strategic relationship with an international eWaste management company has been building over the last few years, which allows us to process materials that we otherwise could not, and we can process equipment much faster with our new channels of distribution.

We may have started with an internet search, asking “What do I do with old computers?,” but we’ve since done hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of research to find out how best to process material, how to make sure it is not being dumped overseas, how to stay on top of changing regulations, and more.  In addition to making sure the process is done the best way, we have a commitment to make sure our services are provided in the best way for our clients, so we’ve listened to your concerns and suggestions, thus created many policies and procedures based on the overall needs of our clients. 

We strongly believe in the cause.  As technology increases so does electronic waste, and not only are reusable resources being thrown out, but many people don’t realize electronic waste is highly toxic, containing lead, mercury, and many other hazardous materials that are being leaked into our environments through landfills and other dumping.  We don’t want that around us, our families or future generations, so we’re doing our part to help “go green,” and since we are free, we hope you do the same. 


Tell a FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER, CO-WORKER, or even your BOSS about us.

Thank you, in advance.


The Computer Works

NOW Located at 38 New Britain Ave (rear)  Rocky Hill CT 06067
(860) 632-0111

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