What do you accept?

Download our information PDF file for a list of common items we accept.  Click here to download. The list is constantly increasing, and many unique items are not listed.  If you have an item that you would expect to be electronic waste material, then chances are it is, but call before making the trip if you are not sure.

What happens to the equipment I drop off?

We have a zero-landfill policy, which means every possible effort is made to ensure no eWaste is dumped here or overseas from our down-streams. The majority of items are processed in state, while others are shipped to major federally regulated and EPA certified facilities in New England. Different equipment and materials are distributed in various ways, and we do not disassemble any potentially toxic equipment in-house. Equipment is disassembled, sorted, reusable equipment is distributed to channels that will put them back in to use, data containing equipment is shredded in machines that also sort materials for proper recycling. Plastics and metals are broken down fully for reuse, and that it the process that makes recycling most worth-while, as it is saving the resources of making and mining new materials. 

Do you delete all data?

We not only delete anything in the memory, but any item that could potentially contain private data is shredded.  The building is fully secured and monitored to ensure your security between when you drop off equipment and when it is destroyed. Furthermore, we have a strict policy about only allowing employees in the building, and even at that, most employees have limited access, so the possibility of theft is as minute as possible.

Do you provide pick-up services?

We have looked in to this option, but for the majority we do not.  The main reason is it will cost you about 50-90% less to drop the equipment off personally, or, for larger quantities, hire someone to deliver the equipment, than what we would be required to charge for the service.  So, not only are we free, but we save you up to 90% off your delivery charge by simply not offering it.

We have shipping companies and solid waste companies we can refer to you if dropping off is not an option. If you have more than 200 items, call us and we may be able to organize shipping on your behalf. Please call for more details. We want to reiterate that renting a truck and driving it in is much cheaper than utilizing a company to do this for you, even if you have to pay a few people for a day's work.

Can you provide a receipt or certificate?

Yes, we document every piece of equipment and can provide you a signed certificate confirming in detail what you have dropped of to the recycling center. We only provide these certificates upon request, so should you require one, please ask for one at the facility.

Where are you located?

NOW Located at 38 New Britain Ave (rear)  Rocky Hill CT 06067  This is a larger facility which allows us to provide for a larger audience and accept a larger amount of items.

Can I get a tax benefit?

This is a very common question that should really be asked to an accountant.  Not only are we not certified to give financial advice, but the question has a lot to do with how you’ve done your accounting the past several years, and although we’re happy to get to know you, we don’t need to know your financial history.

Can I drop off equipment outside of designated drop off times?

please call 860-632-0111 to schedule an appointment window

Do you do custom programs for businesses?

Yes we do.  Click here to go to our business information page, and you may contact Brian Krisak, Project Manager, via e-Mail if you have additional questions or would like work out a program that works for you.

Do you do custom programs for towns & schools?

Yes we do.  Click here to download a municipal information packet, and you may contact Brian Krisak, Project Manager, via e-Mail if you have additional questions or would like work out a program that works for you.

Do you accept items from out of state?

Yes, we have several businesses that deliver from a 300 mile radius.

Can I ship my items?

You are welcome to ship items to us. The Computer Recycler, 38 new britain ave (rear) rocky hill ct 06067 

Are you certified?

We are members of several quality organizations, but we do not qualify for any sort of official certification because we do not keep any large amount of materials, do not keep materials on-site for an extended length of time, and do not disassemble anything potentially toxic. Please reference the State of Connecticut rule and fact sheet for further information. The companies that we utilize in our material down-streams, known as Large Quantity Handlers (LQH) do have all applicable certifications and EPA licenses and/or permits .

Why should I recycle?

At this point eWaste is only at the beginning stages of being a problem, and many foreign countries are ahead of the U.S. in doing something about it. There are two main reasons for recycling: Stopping toxic materials from being dumped and making there way in to the environment, and reusing reusable materials, which prevents the need to mine or use other resources. Even in these beginning stages the solid waste from eWaste already makes up 2% of what's in our landfills, yet 70% of the toxic materials, and most people have tons of old, outdated, and broken electronics sitting at home. If everyone today just threw out those items, that's when it becomes an epidemic problem.

Some good reference sites are:

Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-waste
Wired - http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2003/01/57151
eTakeBack - http://www.e-takeback.org/docs%20open/...RecyclingFacts.pdf
GreenUpUSA - http://www.greenupusa.org/page/page/5106015.htm

...but many other sites are available for further information.

How can I help the cause?

There are several options you can do.  Most important is simply letting people know they should recycle all their electronics.  We’ve had students setup drives in their schools, Boy Scouts setting up drives for their Eagle projects, and several other unique inquiries.  If you have an idea, run it by us, and we’ll do everything we can to help you out through the process. If you are a business you can host or be part of recycling drives; you can click here to download the application to be part of eWaste recycling drives.